Do you say what you mean?

by Andrew Wien

Posted on November 29, 2020

Do you say what you mean?
Do you say what you mean?

This is different than saying what you think.

How often do you hint at a problem when you are too afraid to say it outright?

How often do you stay silent when you really want to speak up?

How often do you ask a question when you really want to make a statement?

​Saying what you mean can be liberating. It can take relationships to a whole new level.

It can also backfire. You might hurt someone, be misunderstood, or maybe even be wrong. Sometimes it feels safer to do something else.

What if you could say what you mean AND deepen relationships at the same time? This obviously takes skill.

The great things about skills are that they can be learned. One step at a time.

The first step: Notice when you are in situations where you don’t say what you mean. What is the impact? What would it have been like to say what you mean?

Progress will come quickly once your awareness increases.

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