wakeup call

by Andrew Wien

Posted on October 18, 2020

wakeup call
This post is not about politics.

If you think folks on the other side of the political spectrum defy rationality AND you are voting for Biden, then this is your wakeup call.

I am on “your side.” I voted for Biden early and believe top priorities for this country are managing COVID, slowing global warming, controlling guns, and allowing women to choose.

​And this is the problem. There are not right sides and wrong sides. People that think differently than me are not bad people. They are not wrong. They are not crazy.

They are real human beings, just like me. The summation of their life experience led them to these beliefs.

Here is the wakeup call: the way you interact with Trump supporters is making polarization worse AND increasing your misery. You might have family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors that you strongly disagree with. If you are holding anger or frustration, then I beg you to try a different approach.

Have a conversation with one goal: understand their perspective so well that you could argue it. Understand what they believe, why, and where they get their facts from. If this thought makes you nauseous, then this is a HUGE opportunity for you.

Then what? Ask me directly afterward. You will be surprised where the anger and frustration went.

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